Basement Progress

The last time you saw a peek of our lowest level, it was a complete disaster. In case you need a refresher, here is what it looked like a month ago:

And here is what it looks like now:

I know, Better Homes and Gardens is basically begging to photograph the space. 😂 But seriously, even though the carpet is hideous and the space remains unfinished, we can at least see the floors!


The main goal for this project was to just get everything out. We were fairly ruthless. Bag after bag went to the trash, and items that we weren’t using slowly congregated into a large yard sale pile. If you remember from before, we saved one old cabinet from the previous kitchen in hopes of making it into a play kitchen for Bradley. However, after doing some yard sales with my bargain hunter neighbor, I have realized how cheaply you can get a used play kitchen. DIY play kitchens can be super cute, sure – but by the time you purchase the paint, knobs, hinges, etc. the project isn’t exactly cheap. Not to mention, we had zero attachment to the cabinets from the previous kitchen, and the particular one we had saved wasn’t even in very good shape.

As for this wire shelving unit, I re-folded towels and tossed the nastiest ones. (Yes, we do need old towels for washing cars, brewing beer, and other messy projects–but we don’t need 20 of them.) Clearing out the linen closet meant paper towels could be stored there, closer to the kitchen! We tossed old shoes, sold one pair, and moved the other ones to the shoe rack hanging nearby. The bottom shelf is empty 👍, but the top shelf remains untouched so far 👎. We’ll get there…

The cabinet to the left of the dryer got a mini-sprucing. A ton of the cleaning supplies left by the previous owners landed in the yard sale pile (marked “free”). And yes, someone did take them!


I ditched the small wire shelving unit for this sturdier wooden bookcase I found on the Nextdoor app for 20 bucks. We affixed it to the wall so no child monkey climbers can pull it over.

Travel Supplies

I managed to corral most of our travel gadgets (pack-it cubes, neck pillows, etc) in the old Elfa drawers beside the wash for now, and suitcases are at least alongside the wall and not in the middle of the floor. I abandoned ship on the jogging stroller. (It is currently listed as for sale, but it will go by the curb next week if no one takes it.) Not a finished product, but progress for sure.


Pat managed to get a few tools back to the pegboard and into drawers. We still have to sort through the paint and make a run to the dump. I ordered this broom holder and Pat affixed it to the wall so we could throw out a few spare brooms left by the previous owners. Everything is obviously not incredibly organized, but it is at least sorted, which is the first step.


We managed to finally unpack the last of the boxes from our move. (Yes, we moved a year ago.) I also went through bags and bags of baby clothes. My BFF Tara helped me sort through Bradley’s old bin to see what could be repurposed for baby girl, and I sent the “clearly boy” things to my friend Yarina. Everything we are keeping (at least for one more year!) is now tucked into the closet in bins or space bags. Sorting through all the baby clothes left one shelf for brewery/coffee supplies. I am also pretty excited that we should be able to purge most of the baby things on the middle shelf by next year.

The only thing Pat wanted for Father’s Day was a chance to brew. Fortunately, his wish was granted two days ago! I snapped these pictures last Friday, and on Monday he had his first brew day after a year-long hiatus!

There exists a floor!


The only real change we have dealt with in this corner has been a new computer. The old one totally died (womp womp), but Pat wants to keep the monitor. He works part-time on music engraving and it legitimately requires a lot of screens.

Magazines are banging down the door to feature this basement, right? Okay, okay, I know we are a *ways* off from that, but at least we can walk through the space without having to navigate around boxes, broken toys, and laundry baskets full of craft supplies. Progress!

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