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Bradley’s Little Blue Truck Themed First Birthday Party

Many thanks to my amazing sister, Sunny Hutchinson, for taking such wonderful photos during this special occasion.

Having a birthday party at home in the middle of a kitchen renovation is no one’s first choice. But, we wanted to celebrate our little guy’s big day with a party, even if our house was still a bit of a wreck. The furniture from the living room was still in the den, which meant lots of room for guests! The morning of the party, Pat installed hardware on the cabinets and we did our best to clean up. The car port was completely trashed, we didn’t have baseboards or a dishwasher, and tools were on display in the cabinets. As it turned out, no one seemed to mind. It was a really sweet day.

My BFF Tara sent this adorable train set from England.

I cut out triangles of blue fabric to make the birthday banner, and we used extra to decorate the tabletop.

I had lots of plans for making this a Little Blue Truck themed birthday party because he loves those books so much. But, renovations took their toll and we only very loosely followed the theme. By that, I mean we used this one little blue truck as the only prop.

Displaying his monthly photos was the sweetest thing ever! Melted my mom heart.

I cut letters out of felt and sewed them onto the bunting. We hung twine from the blinds and affixed the fabric with little craft clothespins. Funny story, our friends have a baby named Brady who is just a couple months younger than Bradley, and they borrowed the banner! Just had to remove a couple letters.

The high chair decoration was super easy to make. I used 4 or 5 spools of blue ribbon and looped them onto twine. The number 1 is again felt that I sewed onto bunting. We used the travel high chair, so the material needed was pretty minimal.

EJ and Amanda made this ruler for Bradley’s first birthday present. They are the best.

We stayed really simple with the food: BBQ, brats, beans, chips, and sweet things. No labels with punny titles, no crafty table display. I did not have the spare brain cells for that. Guests are always happier with a full tummy than with a Pinterest-worthy visual.

Sunny put the photo props together. We had no games planned (there were mostly kids under two and adults in attendance), but it’s always fun to see people pose for photos.

The most anticipated activity is, of course, the cake.

At the end of the day, our poor baby was tuckered out. We are so glad Sunny was able to be there to capture the happy day.

Happy birthday, sweetest baby boy!

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