Building a Window Seat in the Kitchen

The last major construction project of the kitchen remodel was building a seat in the bay window. Not only does adding a window bench contribute more potential storage to our little galley kitchen, but it also adds inviting seating and makes the space feel more welcoming. Count us in!


The first task was, of course, taking measurements and making a plan. There weren’t a ton of inspiration photos on Pinterest for what we were going for. (There are lots of examples of window seats/banquettes in large kitchens, but not of simple designs in small space eating areas.) We also decided to keep the bottom shelves open for a more airy look and easier access.


Pat removed the baseboards from the walls and marked the height of the built-ins.

One tiny curly headed person helped also.

After extending the gang box of the outlet, he framed the bottom. (The electrical tape covering the holes was temporary.)

Next came the 2×4 supports and 3/4″ MDF bottom shelf.

Pat and Laura carefully measured and cut one piece at a time.

Originally, we had hoped to build a secret compartment where this plywood rests. It was going to be a clever way to conceal and store the broom (remember how we took out our coat closet during demo?) – but we had to abandon ship on that component. The structure would have been too tall for seating next to a table.

We were able to use the plywood as templates for cutting the MDF to make the top of the bench.

Pat used the router to give the edge a nice curve.

And the structure is complete!

The window seat required a coat of primer and 3 coats of paint, plus a lot of caulk and sanding. Oh, and 3 coats of water-based polyurethane. This project ended up taking two weeks because there was just not enough time between letting coats dry and going to work/hosting company. (It’s that last 10% that’s so hard to do, right?!)

Here it is now! With a cat for scale.

These are the two pillows Laura taught me how to make when she helped create the Roman shade. We still have to shop for the baskets to go underneath, but the goal is for them to corral shoes. My plan is to have one basket for kid stuff and one basket for adults. The side cubbies will just be decoration, but we also have to shop for those!

What do you think? Are you ready to come sit in the kitchen and watch the garbage trucks drive by with Bradley? (It’s really his favorite spot now.) We still have to sort out the table situation, as we have been using a bistro set that is too small for the space. I’m hoping we can design something that Pat can build just for the little nook…

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