Condensing DVDs

Our TV is fairly cumbersome. We bought it shortly after our wedding in 2009. Back then, TVs were so expensive! I’m embarrassed to even say how much we spent on this clunker. But, it has held up well and we have no plans of replacing it anytime soon.

As I have mentioned before, we have plans to eventually build a more substantial media cabinet. For now, though, we are trying to work with the little space we do have. Which means…

DVD storage

Time to condense our DVDs! To be fair, I actually started this project several years back when we were living in a tiny apartment and knew DVD cases were just too bulky. At the time, The Container Store sold these brown cases, which were fairly good for reducing space, but not really good for keeping track of inventory. Changing the order was difficult, although the quality of the sleeves was good.

I ordered a pack of these sleeves and transferred my previous work into them. There were about 15 new movies we had acquired still in boxes, so those I had to cut the liner in order to fit it in the sleeve.

Here is my little helper.

After organizing the movies alphabetically, I made little tabs out of card stock and sticky letters. I used a blank DVD sleeve as a template for the width.

And now our movie collection takes up so much less space!

I’m mostly happy with the project. The quality of the sleeves would be fine if we didn’t have a toddler in the house, but he has destroyed several trying to take movies in and out. I really appreciate how much less room this occupies than 50 boxed DVDs, though, so the effort seems worth it.

Here are all 50 movies, inconspicuously contained in the basket (underneath Clifford)!

CD Storage?

Next I considered tackling our CDs in a similar manner. I contacted a music librarian friend to see if she had any recommendations for storing classical music CDs, as I could not find a similar product that would hold a CD and liner notes (super important for classical music!). It seems that from the chatter on the music librarians listserv that no one really has made much of an effort to alter their packaging. Librarians have largely stopped dealing with disc media as everything is digital now, so they generally aren’t concerned with replacing jewel cases. As she pointed out, jewel cases do store well on shelves, allow for labeling, and provide good protection for the disc.

Our CDs don’t take up a ton of space, but I am not ready to part with them yet. Perhaps I will change my mind though! Who has greatly reduced (or eliminated) their CD collection?