Dreams about the Den

The last time we shared a view of the den was when we came up with a toy solution. If you remember from that post, the majority of the room remained a mess.

Well, we are hosting a baby shower in TWO DAYS and there is nothing like a party to get your act together. After doing a little furniture flip-flop, here is the space today:

It is by no means a finished product, but at least now we have more space for the kids to spread out the toys. The storage cube in the center of the room is a little strange, I know. But, Bradley uses it as a launch pad and I get tired of pulling it away from the wall for his extraordinary feats of gymnastics.

Now that we have an improved (not perfect!) furniture arrangement down here, we can start to have more of a vision for the space. Some of these things might get done over the next couple of months and others will take longer. In no particular order, here is what we would like to change.

Build a Sofa Console

We need to have a few inches between the wall and the sofa due to the placement of an intake. Plus, it would be nice to have a spot to set a cup of water or possibly (some day) put something semi-decorative back there. I hope we can have something simple, sturdy, and pretty (maybe like this).

Replace the ceiling

This godawful monstrosity isn’t even popcorn: it’s like someone stuck a mop in a bucket of spackling and slopped it up there. There is even decorative slop around the lights. While replacing the ceiling, we would love to change out the builder grade boob lights for recessed lights. Additionally, the crown moulding is too small for the room and was installed poorly. Clearly we also need to patch the walls where I ripped out the quilt hanger. And paint. And add some more frames to fill out the picture collage above the sofa.

Build a floating mantle

This is one item we really need to tackle soon because this will be our first Christmas in this house! (We spent last Christmas in Tennessee with family, and with all the renovations I didn’t even get out a single decoration.) I guess the previous owners used that little depressing wall tray as a mantle? We have only kept it because it is a convenient place to toss things out of Bradley’s reach. Regardless, Santa is coming in 151 days and we’ve got stockings to hang!

Build a media console

This IKEA TV stand has served us well for 9 years, but it has started to bow in the middle and is really too small for the space. I want Pat to build something like Ana White’s Grandy Sliding Door Console and stain to match the mantle/sofa console. We also need to wall mount the TV (hello toddler proofing) and more thoroughly deal with [read: organize] the movie/video game situation.

Add Window Treatments

Though I ripped down the black curtains a few weeks after moving in, the Roman shades and cheap plantation shutters continue to pain our eyes. When my sister-in-law Laura comes to visit next I hope she can help make some new curtains (she helped make the Roman shade and pillows for the kitchen). Gotta pick out some fabric. This room definitely needs a colorful pattern!

There you have our den dreams. We’ll see how these goals evolve as the months go by!

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