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Farewell, Green Baseboards

I had planned to share an update on our baseboards last Friday, but Pat suffered a “daddy injury.” (We have officially entered the era of playing “horsie,” and he pulled a muscle in his back.) Our living room has been in a state of chaos for almost two weeks now.

Out with the Old

If you recall from before, this house was full of sage green paint. Green living room, green doors, green stairwell, green vents, heck even the ceiling in the upstairs is still partially green. (#gettingthere) The last remaining trace of green on the main level was the baseboards.

Can you imagine being engulfed by that hideous color? I can’t believe it’s taken us so long to completely squelch it from our lives. And yes, we just straight up had no baseboards in the area where we removed the coat closet. In November.

There are also a lot of challenging areas we had to finagle around. We have a different baseboard in the dining room. There are a few gaps where the wall meets the floorboards. The intersection with the wood at the stairs is awkward.

We are hosting a baby shower next weekend, and nothing motivates you to get your house ready like having a party! Pat decided to go with a really chunky baseboard, and we love it. But first, he had to rip it all of the old stuff out.

In with the New

Pat actually installed the baseboards a couple of weeks ago, and then the daddy injury happened. (The last 10% of a project bites!) But last Saturday, we had last minute plans to host a few friends over and realized we had approximately 6 hours to get the house in order. (Want to get something finished in your house? Have a party. Seriously.) Here is Pat at about 10:00 that morning, finishing up the caulk.

We debated different types of quarter round. My neighbor across the street did the chunky baseboard with a small round wooden quarter round because she likes emphasizing the height. Pat liked the ornate detail this one added, which plays nicely with the moulding in the dining room. I was just stressed about the transitions and thought we should go with a small round white one.

There is more than one way to skin a cat (meaning any of those options could have worked), and this turned out very well. Pat did a great job following rules about transitions, but we aren’t totally in love with the final product. (And obviously we still have to add some filler.)

The room feels so much more finished! We have literally now touched every surface on the main level: refinishing (or installing) floors, painting every wall and ceiling, and now replacing the baseboards. Looking back at how far we’ve come is so helpful for staying positive about how far we still want to go!

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