Baby and Kid

Here Comes #2

There is a very distinct possibility that this blog was created as one giant nesting instinct. That’s right. We are expecting baby #2 in October!

Last week, we invited a few friends over for a simple cookout and a gender reveal. This event was much more low key than the party we threw for Yarina, as is the trend with baby #2. After burgers, we all headed to the backyard for some silly string action, where we were excited to announce that it’s a…


I started sorting through the baby clothes (as seen in our basement disaster) to determine what is gender neutral enough to be repurposed for baby girl. Other than that, we have done nothing to prepare for this new addition.

We already have the basics we need (rock n play, bassinet, etc), but there are a few new things out in the past two years that have piqued my interest. (The baby industry is no joke! Those folks invent the coolest things every year.) The Merlin Sleep Suit and the Dock A Tot are both intriguing. I am also curious about double strollers, though we plan to wait on that for a little while. Bradley is pretty hot-and-cold about his stroller these days. I covered the baby supplies we loved the first time around back on our mega baby guide post a few months back, so other than the items listed there, what have you loved for your babies? Anyone recommend the Merlin? Or another magic swaddle slash sleep-inducing-device? Thoughts on double strollers? What about tips for surviving the first few weeks year with a toddler and a newborn?

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