Kitchen – Before

We moved to our house for the friendly neighborhood. We met more neighbors in the first two hours of living here than we did in the previous 8 years of living in our townhouse. Every day young kids can be heard playing in their yards, elderly couples can be seen walking their routes, and dogs walk their owners on schedule. The schools are great, the neighborhood pools are hopping, the lawns are beautiful, and – oh – our best friends also live here. It is really a great, all-American place to raise a family!

One of the biggest selling features, however, was NOT the kitchen.

There were very few drawers, and the existing ones we did have were so shallow our organizers couldn’t even fit. There was also a flour box (to the left of the sink, pictured above) that made a horrendous nails-on-a-chalkboard screech when opened. The shelves were not adjustable, so much of our glassware didn’t fit, though there was also wasted space. The lack of function almost bothered us more than the ugliness.

But boy, was it ugly! Considering the cabinets were original (1970) to the house, they weren’t in bad shape. But the room felt dark and small. The fake ceiling beams really weren’t doing it for us either. The stove top, microwave, and fridge were in good shape, but we wanted to change the layout to provide more workable counter space, maximize the storage potential, and add a gas range.

What do you think? Would you have bought the house even with the outdated kitchen? Do you have a soft spot for 1970s wall ovens that are only off by about 30 degrees? What’s your favorite part so far? (Did you notice the awesome chandelier in the dining nook? Or the green gingham window headers?) How about those who are experienced with kitchen renovation – share your wisdom!

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