Kitchen Demolition

Once all of our appliances and cabinets arrived and were situated in the living room, we set up the temporary kitchen in the dining room. The baby and I left town for two weeks, and it was time to say goodbye to the old kitchen!

Okay, if I’m honest there were a few more steps in there before the demo. But watching the demo is so much more fun! Pat removed the ceiling beams and installed recessed lighting. He ran a water line up to the fridge. He replaced the existing outlets with GFCI outlets (and added a couple) to bring them up to code. Videos of those tasks are way less interesting, so we’ll just skip to boys having way too much fun destroying our house.

In a semi last-minute decision, we knocked out the coat closet and widened the doorway. Our friends happily obliged with the sledge hammer. Now when you open the front door, you can see straight through to the back yard (instead of being greeted by a closet). The space is much more open now. I was hesitant to give up that precious storage, and we are still trying to figure out how to organize our life without it–but aesthetically speaking, it was absolutely the right way to go.

Here is the listing photo of that coat closet:

And here is a night time photo of when they were finished knocking it out:

Destroying cabinets and walls was apparently very fun, but when it came time to rip up the floors, the phone calls I received were less lighthearted. Pat and Drew removed three layers of linoleum and one layer of subfloor. It apparently sucked and took two days.

Bagster it Up

Rather than renting a dumpster, we purchased a Bagster from Home Depot, thinking it would save us money. (It was still over $400.) We also did not realize they would not take appliances, so we had to make two trips to the county dump. (Those errands took us months to do. Nice to meet you, neighbors – we’re the trashy new people with janky appliances in the carport.)

We were able to sell the fridge on the Nextdoor app, and we saved one cabinet with the intentions of making it into a play kitchen for Bradley’s birthday present. (It’s still sitting in our basement.) Habitat for Humanity ReStore came to pick up the stove top and the microwave. They would not accept dishwashers that older than 3 years, and though ours worked fine we took too long trying to find a new home for it. It sat in the carport for several weeks before the insulation rotted and we finally toted it to the dump.

Demo was pretty fun as far as renovations go, but living in the demolition zone was a bit less fun. I suppose it’s a badge of honor for any DIY-er!

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