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We spent a long time brainstorming how we wanted our new kitchen to look. I voted for an all-white kitchen, but Pat vetoed. We thought about making the countertops black, but I really wanted them to be white. Among the list of styles considered and then rejected were butcher block countertops, “tuxedo” cabinets, and open shelving concepts. Finally we decided on grey cabinets with white countertops and a white backsplash, especially after finding stellar inspiration images on Pinterest. Here is the high-end version of what we wanted, and here is a DIY take on a similar idea.

First, we measured the space. Then we measured again…and again to be sure. Then we started playing around with the Ikea Kitchen Planner tool. I just logged back in to take a screen shot of one of our early designs, and unfortunately our design was no longer saved! Bummer! It is a really great (and free!) tool, though, if you are interested in playing around on it for fun. Beware though, the web app is SUPER slow. Ultimately, we decided against going with Ikea: their cabinets only come in 6″ increments, and depth changes aren’t possible. If we were to sell this house in the next 5 years, that would totally have been a great way to go.

We did consider some sources of RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) cabinets, but eventually nixed that idea and settled on Deerfield assembled cabinets from The assembled cabinets had much more custom options (cabinet depth adjustments, for example; Deerfield cabinets come in 1.5″ increments). Next, we started making our own designs on graph paper and began toying with different iterations of cabinets with drawers, fun customizations like a trash cabinet, and options for the pantry.

Our design


Calling in the Pros

Once we felt like we had a good idea of what we wanted, we put a call into Our awesome designer, Ashlee, helped us flesh out the plans. She helped us decide on the final design (after 4 drafts!). The main changes between Pat’s “rough draft” and the final design are: switching the base cabinet with the drawer base near the pantry, leaving 1.5″ gaps on either side of the range hood, and small adjustments for wall cabinet sizes. Pat was checking out the accessories *one last time* before we ordered, and he found a spice drawer. We already needed three inches in that place for the adjacent cabinet door to open. So, we added 1/2″ more space there and we had room for the 3″ “secret” spice drawer! Ashlee quickly inserted that into our design and we were ready to order. has frequent sales, so we just waited a few weeks for the next one to happen. Then we called our credit card company (because whoa big purchase!) and took the plunge! All we had to do then was wait six weeks for the delivery, while we continued to do more research. Before we knew it, our living room was full of boxes. That was my cue to get out of town!

Next up is demo. šŸ˜± Stay tuned!

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