A Makeup Bag Overhaul

I love seeing pictures of organized makeup, especially neat rows of lipsticks in acrylic containers. But, I know that will probably never be my life. I have always kept my makeup in a bag. This practice has been really handy for traveling (which I used to do a fair amount of before babies) or doing makeup in places other than the bathroom (which I now do a lot).

Old Bag

I don’t pretend to know a lot about makeup. However, my friend Paige gave me one good lesson a couple years ago and I can definitely see the allure! With some guidance from her and my sister (who is also fairly “into” makeup), my one little Vera Bradley bag somehow grew into this pile.

One bag = practical. Three bags + a large eye shadow = not practical at all! Also, I should mention that while I used to apply makeup daily, these days I am lucky to get mascara on.

Time to dump everything out and see what we’re dealing with.

What are rules about sorting and purging makeup? I seem to remember reading in a teen magazine (in like 1999) that makeup should all be replaced after a year – but that doesn’t seem right. If it isn’t dried up, that is a pretty expensive process! Any of you with more knowledge please chime in and enlighten me! I just tossed stuff I wasn’t using anymore, and was left with this slightly smaller pile:

New Bag

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the new bag I got from Leah Bee Quilts. I love it! Pat got it for me for Mother’s Day. He may have received a link with instructions 😉.

Everything fits in here perfectly, and the life of having one makeup bag has returned!

I highly recommend anything made by Leah. She does a great job and uses beautiful fabric for her pieces.

Tell me about your makeup situation! Are you lucky enough to have a whole vanity devoted to getting ready, complete with acrylic lipstick containers? Who else is in the bag camp with me? Anyone still have a Caboodle from childhood? (Memories!)