The Mary Grace T-Shirt Fold

My sister-in-law Mary Grace recently visited with her husband (you may remember him from part of the kitchen renovation) and three little kids. We always have such a great time with them.

Mary Grace is a lot like Pat in that she has a lot of hidden talents. For example, after she resigned her elementary school teaching job when her first child was born, she learned how to make beautiful sugar cookies. She is also a yoga instructor and is very athletic.

We often try to squeeze in a fun project during visits, and lately sewing has been a priority. This recent visit was pretty short, so we sadly didn’t manage to get the sewing machine out. Ben had to work remotely, plus Pat really wanted to brew (it was his one request from Father’s Day), and keeping up with 4 kids is a lot of work. And a lot of laundry! So, while I didn’t get a lesson in sewing, yoga, or cookie decorating this time, MG did teach me her method of folding T-shirts.

The Fold

No doubt you have seen a video or tutorial of the 2-second Japanese T-shirt fold. This method does take longer than a mere 2 seconds, but it does take a lot less time to master. The way I remember it is sleeves-half-half-thirds.

Lay shirt face-down with head towards you. Smooth out wrinkles.

Fold in arms.

Fold in half towards you.

Fold in half again.

Flip over so the logo of the shirt is now on the floor.

Fold in thirds.

Stand upright or sideways, depending on drawer size!

Can I add that this is usually what is going on while I’m trying to fold laundry?

Here’s MG’s shirt drawer in its tidy glory.

How do you fold your T-shirts? They are certainly a lot more “fun” to fold than fitted sheets.


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