Master Bathroom – Before

If only the act of titling this post “before” meant we had a bathroom renovation in the works! Unfortunately, we have to live with this bathroom for a bit longer while we save our pennies for a complete gut job. I previously showed you the kid/guest bathroom and the half bath downstairs, and while those two rooms are both ugly, the master bath wins the gross prize. Come on in!

As you can see in the photo above, the tile on the floor is actually coming up. Plucking tiles has become the toddler entertainment that enables me to shower. 😂 Nearly everything in this entire house was 1970 original, and this bathroom is no exception. The shower stall is broken and while the crack doesn’t go all the way through the glass, it is past time for a replacement. I won’t even show you the inside of the shower because it is so disgusting! Cracked tiles are everywhere, and even in mint condition they were a terrible beigey-pink color.

Once you enter the bathroom, you are graced by the original, water-waster beige toilet. The previous owners did install the vanity and cabinet at some point during their lives here. While the two items do offer more storage, they certainly are lacking in the design sense. Meanwhile, the bathroom has no fan, so there is significant moisture damage to the ceiling and walls. We need to gut the entire room. (“Code” used to require either a fan or a window in each bathroom. However, what good does a window do if it is never opened?)

Also on our endless list of things to do to the house is replace the doors (and hardware).

The vanity is in fine shape, so I imagine we could donate it to Habitat ReStore. It’s just ugly.


Since this is really an organizational blog, I should stay on task and show you inside the cabinet. In the top drawer I keep my makeup bag, the toiletries I use every day (corralled in a small acrylic box), and our toothbrushes. Yes, we have three toothpastes for three people. I have never been a fan of putting toothbrushes in cups because they get so gross even with frequent trips to the dishwasher. I would much rather swap out a wash cloth every week!

The lower drawer contains feminine products. I’ll spare you the view, but trust that everything is tidy. (I removed the bulky boxes/packaging and stored items vertically for easy access.)

On the cabinet door I installed a Command Hook to hold the hair dryer. Otherwise, the contents are pretty minimal. I have a “hair basket,” a little travel toiletry bag, and some spare loo roll (as they say in the U.K.).

We have ideas for a remodel, including a corner vanity (like this one) and white honeycomb tile, but renovating is likely a year off. Oh, and Pat really wants one of those crazy Japanese toilets with extra features. 😂 We’ll have to see about that!