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Nextdoor App and a Front Lawn Update

About a year ago, we received a postcard in the mail from a new social network called “Nextdoor.” It seemed legit, so I signed up. This app has been so helpful as we settled into our new neighborhood.

I have used it multiple times to let neighbors know of items I put by the curb. So far, we have gotten rid of a lamp, a bag of cat bowls and food, and old storage shelves. Each time I put an item by the curb, I post a picture and a brief text to the app, and literally the items have been gone within the hour.

We have read recommendations on preschools, dentists, contractors (the list goes on…); seen lost pets quickly reunited with owners; found neighborhood kids who want to rake leaves or babysit; and shared information on power outages, traffic accidents, and neighborhood watch/crime reports. My immediate neighborhood has a private Facebook page for HOA dues-paying members, but it is not updated as frequently as Nextdoor. It also does not include as many people.

There are tons of posts for free stuff, also. At first, I received so many emails with each post that I changed my settings to only receive one highlight a day. But then, my neighbors started getting the good free stuff (you have to be quick!) and I got jealous. So, I changed it in the name of finding toddler toys.

Sprucing Up Our Curb Appeal

Which brings me to a quick update on the front of our house, and the role Nextdoor played in it. Here is what our view from the curb was on Wednesday night:

Thursday morning, I had just had it with the oversized, crowded bushes in front of our house. As soon as the baby went down for his nap, I went out there and started digging, figuring I’d dig up one bush a day and not wear myself out too much. Two hours, three bushes, and a whole mess of liriope later, we were done.

I also took down the little birdhouse. If the front of your house is supposed to “say something” about the owners, this wasn’t working.

I posted on Nextdoor that I had some bushes and liriope in the carport if anyone wanted to come divide it and haul it off. Six people showed up with trucks, and still more inquired. Saved me from having to bag it all up and put it out with the yard waste. As for the curb appeal, we are happy with the more open look/tamed liriope. We’ve got a few more ideas about what we can do, but for a no-cost fix, this was worth the two hours of labor.

Are you on Nextdoor? Are you digging it as much as we are?



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