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Nursery Progress!

The end of this pregnancy has been much harder than the third trimester was with Bradley. I remember feeling pretty good up until the end, and worked [a full-time job plus a part-time job] up until and including my due date. This time I have been overwhelmed with exhaustion and insomnia. Fortunately, the doctor was able to prescribe something to help me get rest. Hopefully I can squeeze in some shut-eye over the next couple of weeks and actually finish this nursery. It’s hard to believe that we will have a new baby this month!

Baby Girl’s Room

The last time I shared the status of our guest room-turned-nursery, it was a hot mess! Since then, we have painted the walls white (Ben Moore Chantilly Lace is the choice for most of our house), replaced the vents and outlets (although we are still short a couple of switch plates), and changed out some furniture. The old dresser and the stand-up mirror are both in the living room awaiting a listing on Craigslist.

I ordered this rug from Wayfair, which I love! It did, however, change the whole plan for the coral abstract crib sheets we had previously received. We ditched that bedding for neutral white, and plan to add pops of pink on the walls.

The crib, mattress, and changing pad were all given to us by a friend, which meant we didn’t have to a) shell out for a new crib or b) kick Bradley out of his crib yet. Not having that expense helped me rationalize the purchase of an actual bed. Can you believe this is from IKEA? A real bed is the most powerful statement a bedroom can make, and I love this sweet metal Leirvik bed. Also, I read that according to feng shui, the best position for a bed is the corner opposite of the doorway. Anyone else follow that rule?

We are certainly not the first parents to use the Hemnes dresser in a nursery, but it is popular for a reason. The 8 drawers offer ample storage space, and the height is perfect for a changing table.

As you can see, the previous owners decided to paint the closet door to match the wall color (whyyyyy??). I *want* to replace the bifold doors with regular swing-out doors, but that will not likely happen before this baby comes. In fact, I would still love to totally transform the closet with Elfa shelving, but that will just have to wait.

To Do

We have just over two weeks until the baby is due, and while I anticipate her being late, we’ve still got a lot of things to take care of. Here’s part of my list:

  • Stock the freezer with dinners
  • Get caught up on car maintenance, wash cars, install infant car seat
  • Finish packing hospital bag
  • Set up space for bassinet in our bedroom

As far as the nursery goes, we would be *fine* if she arrived tomorrow, but it would be nice to have all the final details worked out ahead of time. We’re down to just a few things:

  • Hang new curtain rods higher and wider than the previous ones
  • Iron and hem curtains
  • Measure, order, and install cordless blackout blinds
  • Make a garland for above the bed
  • Hang mirror, art, and decorations on walls

Wish us luck!

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