Baby and Kid

Nursery Status

Third trimester has hit me hard. Insomnia, back/hip pain, fatigue – all normal gripes, but I have been really struggling to keep up a normal pace lately. My body has almost been saying, “Nope. Stop. Done.” With that in mind, I will be reducing blog posts to once or twice a week for the indefinite future. Once we get through the roughest weeks and months of having this little baby girl in our lives, I hope to start adding days back. For now, I’ve got to manage what’s on my plate!

Baby clothes

After we came back from our baby shower, I decided to go through the mounds of baby girl clothes we had accumulated. Friends and family had mailed us hand-me-downs. I had saved quite a bit of gender-neutral items from the baby boy collection. And we had received tons of sweet new things at the party. But it all had to be sorted, folded, washed, and stored.

After about 8 hours of work, I at least had the newborn clothes ready to go! We still haven’t purchased a dresser, but I had these great IKEA box drawer organizers already on hand. Pop a few chalk labels on them – and voila! It was easy to see we are SET in the newborn clothes department.

Newborn and 0-3 clothes are the only ones I worried about washing for now. The next sizes are folded and hidden in space bags under the bed. I got tired of schlepping back and forth to the basement to dig through the next size bin of clothes, so now all of this baby’s clothes are in her room. I also have peace of mind knowing that once she outgrows one size, it should be easy for me to put them all back in a space bag and pass on to a friend!

Dealing with baby clothes has been an all-consuming task lately. It was also time to swap out Bradley’s clothes for fall / 24 month size (big boy! 😭,) which meant two separate trips to donate and more bags of good stuff to pass on to friends. Additionally, I want to have Bradley’s clothes very obviously organized so it will be easy for someone else to dress him. That is a work in progress!

Cleaning out the Closet

Aside from the monumental task of organizing baby clothes, the primary goal lately has been to take everything non-baby out of the room. Coats are now in the basement (which I’m not thrilled about because it’s dirty down there…but I don’t know what else to do about that right now). Crafts and present wrapping supply supplies have a new home. Now the little closet has just baby things! And a hospital bag, which I have already started on because I’m OCD.

The closet itself needs lots of work. It has never been painted, there are random ugly hooks scattered throughout, and the basic rod-and-bar setup is a poor use of space for most closets. But, we are working on a tight budget so a closet upgrade is probably not in the cards just yet.

Meanwhile, aren’t little girl swaddles so sweet?

99% of our baby clothes are foldable at this point, so the rest of the closet is just for storing baby gear.

Preparing to Paint

Pat has assembled the crib, and all of the tidy boxes of clothes are currently housed inside. He still has to replace the outlets and vents (that whole “work” thing keeps getting in the way!). We have purchased paint, now we just need a few hours to get the job done!

The rest of the room is pretty nondescript: bed, glider, side table, lamps. But we have plans!

I anticipate baby girl will be late like her brother, which gives us just over 7 weeks to get everything ready. So much to do, so little time!