One Kitchen Cabinet at a Time: Bakeware

When we made cabinet plans, we included as many drawers as we possibly could. Drawers beside the oven! Put them beside the dish washer! We wanted to even include drawers in the pantry, but there was not enough depth for the custom ones in our configuration. In the end, we only had two traditional cabinets: one under the sink, and one so that we could have a place to store the stand mixer. Many people leave their stand mixers on the counter, which is understandable for their weight and bulk. But, we don’t use it every day, and counters should be for working, not for storing.

When we moved in, we just threw things in the cabinet. It has been a pain ever since.

I bought these wire mesh organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago. In our last house, they fit perfectly in two small lower cabinets and I never had to screw them in. In this cabinet, though, they slid around and contributed to the overall mess. Every time I removed a baking sheet, something came crashing out. It was infuriating. Once we took everything out and wiped the cabinet down, we finally opened the package of hardware that had been sitting idly for years.

Pat marked where they should go. We left the stand mixer in there to do the placements, and left an intentional space between the two organizers. Pat moves fast; sorry it’s blurry.

I cut out Contact paper to also help keep things from sliding around back there, and he screwed the organizers down. WHY DID IT TAKE US 6 MONTHS TO DO THIS?

I removed the round cake pans and made room for them in the pantry. (Hopefully that will be ready to share in a few weeks!) We grouped everything that was left by size from tallest to smallest, keeping like items together.

It functions so much better now! The bundt pan looks kind of awkward hanging out back there, so maybe it should get a spot on the wall? Or we could copy Julia Child’s kitchen (as seen in Bon Appétit) and install peg board…

We added Command hooks to keep the stand mixer accessories and mesh strainers/splash guards off the floor. Still tweaking their arrangement, but a big improvement.


So much better! Yet another cabinet that makes me smile when we open it! Three cabinets down, a ton more to go. (See how we tackled the oils here and the cabinet above the fridge here.)

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