One Kitchen Cabinet at a Time: Cups

Above the dishwasher is our arguably most-used cabinet: the one that contains cups.

If I took a before picture of this cabinet, I cannot find it. Sorting items by height was the most fun part of organizing here; the placement then seemed to just happen. Moving all of the toddler’s myriad drinkware to their own designated drawer meant adult glasses have much more room! We keep a few basic types of drinking vessels in this cabinet:

  • Water glasses: Tervis cups and mason jars with handles, showing my Southern roots
  • Beer glasses: we have an assortment from different breweries; they also stack well 👍
  • Short Tumblers: most of which are monogrammed “M” and came from our friend Porter
  • Coffee Mugs: we are pretty kitschy about these and I’m not even sorry
  • On-the-Go Drinks: we store a couple of Camelbaks and travel mugs, but the most amazing one of all is the Zojirushi, which keeps drinks piping hot all day!


This cabinet does not house the nicer stemware or water tumblers, which we have showcased in glass cabinets. Rather, it has our most commonly used every day cups. Its location above the dishwasher slash coffee station and near the fridge is super convenient.

Additional Storage

We really love the height all of our cabinets provide. While trying to maximize the storage potential of our little galley kitchen, we absolutely wanted the cabinets to go as high as they could. The upper most shelves are difficult to reach without a step stool, but offer perfect storage for lesser-used items like disposable plates, napkins, and cutlery. Some clever folks keep their plastic silverware in a caddy (like this cute one) so it’s all ready to use. If you’ve got the space for that and do a lot of casual entertaining, go for it! (Then send me a pic!)

I’ll delve more into our coffee obsession in the near future, but suffice it to say there is a drawer devoted just to coffee supplies located below this cabinet. We also enjoy an afternoon tea, so all the tea bags fit nicely in that container. Don’t forget to recycle the boxes if you are tight on space (think of how restaurants always display their assortment of tea bags).

By tea and coffee “supplies,” I mean tea bag holders, the tea strainer, and the pods and brushes we use to clean the coffee grinder.

Before starting this kitchen organization overhaul, I thought putting items in baskets was cute, frivolous, and a waste of money. I have been surprised at how baskets help utilize space in the back of cabinets and actually save time and frustration. Everyone knows where things are because they’re labeled!

You can find the white storage bins here, and the chalkboard labels here.

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