One Kitchen Cabinet at a Time: Drawers Part 1

Some cabinets are easier to organize than others. The ones I am sharing today were in the super easy category. I did almost nothing to them, and wanted to share some easy, low-cost tips to help organize any space. I should add that before organizing, one must purge first. We have a fairly minimalistic kitchen to begin with, as I have gone through our items at least annually since we’ve been married to evaluate what we need, use, and love.

Dish Rags

  • Fold items in thirds so that they are able to stand on their own.
  • Sort like items together (Bona rags/wash rags/drying rags)
  • Store vertically so that you can see everything at a glance.
  • Use whatever existing (read: free!) rectangular or square boxes you have to contain items. Here I used a shoe box lid and an old tin from Trader Joe’s.

That green thing is the sweetest handmade casserole dish cover my Southern ex-boyfriend’s mom gave us as a wedding present. It has a matching pot holder that fits in the top to further insulate the dish. We use it all the time to take hot side dishes to our friends houses!

Also, we are big fans of drying mats instead of bulky racks that take up so much counter space. I know many people are partial to their drying racks, but I hate them.

Kid Things

Side note: Bradley is convinced that the word for “water” is “baboo.” We have no idea where that came from, but he is 100% confident when he points to the hose/pool/water cup and exclaims, “Baboo!!!”

Our glassware cabinet was starting to overflowing with kid stuff. Taking it all out meant the baby had his own accessible drawer (which he loves), our things now have room to “breathe,” and I really don’t care if it gets messy. The white container holding his pouches is from the Dollar Store. It came in a pack of two or three. For a dollar. Obviously.

If you are really nice, you can devote an entire cabinet to the delight of the babies in your life. Here is Bradley at my Aunt Judy’s house (one of the places we visited to escape the renovations back in November):

Cooking Utensils

I have a couple more drawers to actually tackle in this category, but this one is working for now.

The three acrylic containers came from Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago. (Squares and rectangles are your organizing friends!) The black box might have been from an iPhone, and the pink one was from our trip to Ladurée in Paris a couple years ago. (And now there’s one in DC, what?!?!) I am making a mental note to ask my mother-in-law how she made the beaded wine glass charms, because those would make a great little Christmas gift.

Eating Utensils

Nothing to see here, folks. Move right along. If you are fancy enough to have a built-in utensil drawer, you are cooler than we are. I don’t remember why we didn’t look into that for our kitchen, but the $10 ones from Bed Bath & Beyond work just fine. Also, we are big fans of the little Sistema salad dressing containers and use them all the time for homemade salad dressings.


The second-biggest small appliance purchase we have ever made (after the vacuum cleaner) was the Vitamix. It deserves its own drawer because it’s awesome.

Thankfully, we are about halfway done with the kitchen cabinet organization. You can catch up on how we’ve already tackled the bakeware, oils, and liquor.

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