One Kitchen Cabinet at a Time: Drawers Part 2

We are nearing the finish line on organizing each and every cabinet in the kitchen! Today I wanted to show you the other half of our drawers.


This is one of our most important drawers in the kitchen! Pat roasts our coffee from beans he purchases green from a company called St. Maria’s. He has a few coworkers who are also into coffee roasting, so they often order in bulk and split the shipment. He started becoming a coffee purist a few years back, and we literally never have coffee as good as what we can make at home.

You might recognize the paper from our earlier project on storing toddler shoes. I had one extra sheet so I popped it in here. (This is one of our many drawers where actual shelf liner won’t fit! The Chemex is exactly the right height for the drawer.) The container holding the filters is yet another one of Target’s y-weave baskets.

All of the components of a great cup of coffee can be found in this area, including a pitcher for collecting filtered water and a scale for measuring everything to the gram. (I’m pretty sure we tried practically all of the scales on the market before finally settling on this one.) We have three options for making coffee: a Chemex, a French press, and a Hario V60 ceramic pour-over. We used to have a plastic pour over that was great for travel, but we lost it recently. Another super important component of good coffee is keeping beans fresh, so we use this canister that removes all of the air. The little wooden scoop was a gift from my godmother a few years ago.

On the counter just above this drawer we store King grinder and Queen water kettle. (I know it’s sacrilege to store appliances on the counter, but that grinder is heavy and we use it every day.) If you are a coffee aficionado, you probably know how awesome these babies are. And if you’re not, you can just call us ridiculous. It’s okay.

And that, dear readers, is the primary reason this entire blog exists. The coffee station. ☕️


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a preview of this drawer already.

The special thing about this drawer is obviously the lobster scrapbook paper lining the bottom! My idea is to change the paper out with the season. (We’ll see if that actually happens…) I didn’t do anything at all to the paper other than just plop it down under the clear trays. There are tutorials about how to properly line your drawers with pretty paper, but this is the lazy way.

The left side of this drawer currently holds our battery department, although I have a feeling that is going to have to move as our toddler becomes more and more interested in action toys. It seems some parents wind up with a shoe box for each size battery. Sigh. I’ll enjoy the simple life while I can! We also keep the audio monitor here, which is really convenient to grab if we work in the yard during nap time.

The top right corner has backup car keys and keys to some of our friends’ houses. We also keep stamps and the envelope moistener in here, because I always seem to pay bills from this counter. It really is our “family command center” – a term that Pat thinks is silly but I love!

The Rest of ‘Em

The remaining few drawers are less exciting, but I’ll share them nonetheless. We have cooking utensils to the left and right of the stove.

Pots and pans are nestled in the two cabinets to the left of the stove. We used to have a great pot rack in our last house, but there was just no room for it here. We are pretty happy with the deep drawer solution, though.

Plastic wrap, foil, and other things are tucked in the drawer beside the fridge. I should note that the one thing we wish we could have changed with the cabinet design is the depth of these top cabinets. We can’t stack utensils very high, nor can we quickly close this drawer without mauling a box of parchment paper. I tried to line the bottom of this drawer with shelf liner, but then the drawer wouldn’t shut! Womp womp. Some drawers just have to stay ugly.

Frequently used cookware is also easily accessible to the work space. We sort of have a “round” drawer (the stainless mixing bowls we use every day, lemon juicer, flour sifter, etc.)

And then we have a mostly “rectangular” drawer:

“Mostly” is a key phrase. We’re just trying to fit to the existing space, people.

There you have it! Only two more spaces left to tackle and we can call this kitchen a wrap!

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