One Kitchen Cabinet at a Time: Liquor

Thank you for joining me while I tackle the cabinets in our kitchen, one at a time. Today we are working on the cabinet above the fridge. It is a great size, but difficult to reach everything in the back. It was also filthy, since we just threw things in there basically as soon as the cabinets were screwed into the walls. Here’s how it looked after I removed a few appliances (which are now residing in the pantry):

As a remember, this 10-minute cabinet challenge involves:

  • Taking everything out and wiping it all down (contents as well as surfaces)
  • Grouping like items together, and evaluating if everything stays in this area (determining if it “sparks joy” for the Marie Kondo fans out there)
  • Implementing storage systems that work for you

This space is above the fridge, which means the vent keeps the area a few degrees warmer than other cabinets. As much as I wanted to put a little wine rack in here, that temperature is the opposite of what is good. Mostly, the wine we keep in here is for cooking. Liquor I understand to be less temperamental. (I don’t really know. I stick to wine and beer.)

The Container Store came through once again with this extra large lazy susan. OXO is pretty much my favorite brand ever right now. Now Pat has much easier access to his bourbon collection!

Have a great day, everyone!

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