One Kitchen Cabinet at a Time: Oils

I have a toddler; therefore, my life revolves around naptime. I want to have an organized life kitchen, but to get there, I have about a dozen tasks ahead. So, I have decided to share our kitchen organization one cabinet at a time, starting with the one driving me the most crazy. May I present….

The oils!

Also salt, pepper, and utensils that we use on the regular.

Rules to follow in this 10-minute quick clean:

  • Take everything out, check the expiration dates (/evaluate if you still need/want), wipe everything down
  • Sort like with like
  • Implement systems that work for you

The cabinet to the right of the oils is baking/spices. It is a wreck, but we will save it for another day!

Add a lazy susan or two for easier access…

Then put everything back in a way that you can see/reach it all. We have been using a clear pitcher for cooking utensils for the past 5 years. It’s certainly not the fanciest of containers (it cost a couple bucks at Ross), and it breaks the rule of trying to maximize space with the use of squares/rectangles. But it was already on hand, and being a clear container means we can tell when crumbs and dust have made their way to the bottom, indicating it might be time for its bi-annual spin in the dishwasher!

Keeping cabinets organized keeps clutter off the counters. Counters should be for working, not for storage!

Can we talk about this balsamic vinegar for just a sec? A friend introduced us to the Zingerman’s mail-order catalog a few years ago and we are IN LOVE. If you have any foodies in your life, get them anything from this amazing store. When we first discovered this, it was so different from anything we had ever tasted that Pat literally wanted to drink it. Once you start making homemade salad dressing with high quality quality balsamic and olive oil, you’ll never go back!

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