One Kitchen Cabinet at a Time: Under the Sink

Under our kitchen sink once lived a hot mess.

I took everything out and tried to re-think the space a bit. After lining the bottom with Contact paper, I added one white bin from Target and a wire shelf rack we had leftover from the last kitchen.

My BFF Tara came to visit last week from England and she brought back these sweet Cath Kidston binder clips. I love them!

Figuring out life without a coat closet has forced us to be clever. Using a command hook to keep the dust pan readily accessible seems to be working! Also, using a towel bar to hold the kitchen spray is really convenient.

These sponges and pet hair removal stickies previously lived in the basement (seen here). I was so tired of schlepping downstairs to get another one, so anything that we regularly use now all stays in the same place!

Oh, and I stuck the poison control number there just in case. We have definitely called them a few times. #firsttimemom

I highly recommend this little collapsible step stool. It’s perfect for those of us with limited storage but who need help to reach that top shelf. I also recommend keeping paper towels out of sight. While we have not eliminated our use of paper products, we have definitely reduced waste by primarily using cloth rags. Keeping these out of sight probably helps with waste reduction, but also – they’re sort of ugly so why feature them on your counters?

We are thinking about using a wooden dowel to keep the trash bags off the floor (as described here by Sam of Simply Organized), but haven’t gotten there just yet. Will let you know if and when we do!

Happily, that is all of our main cleaning supplies! The previous owners left us a plethora of cleaning products we don’t need or use, and I have them in a bag marked as “free” for the yard sale we are doing next week. Think anyone will take them off our hands?

If you’d like to see more kitchen cabinet organization, you can read about how we tackled the bakeware, oilsliquor, drawers, and cups.