One Kitchen Cabinet at a Time: Spices

We designed our kitchen to include a really cool “secret” spice rack. It has been a pretty neat feature to have, but the main problem was that spices were overflowing. So, we had some spices in the cool spice rack and others in the adjacent cabinet.

Here is the adjacent cabinet. HOT MESS.


We were always struggling to find spices, taking everything out of the cabinet to find one thing and getting frustrated.

I checked the expiration date of everything, putting old spices on one side of the counter. Of everything on the “toss” side, there were only 3 things that we decided actually needed replacing. Everything else was super old and had probably been used for one recipe several years ago.

And I alphabetized all of the ones that are still good. Several things had been duplicated because we just couldn’t find what we needed!

I don’t know if we’ll keep everything in this order because Pat (understandably) really wants his most frequently-used spices on the bottom shelf. But, here is what we have left!

Except for all of the small containers, which are still in the adjacent cabinet. I know – it’s not perfect – but definitely better!

Organizing this cabinet made me a believer in pantry bins. I previously thought that they were just cute, but in fact they are super helpful for organizing like items, saving space, and for not losing everything in the back.

And because everyone loves a good before & after, here’s a side-by-side comparison:

If you’d like to see more kitchen cabinet organization, you can read about how we tackled the bakewareoilsliquordrawers part 1cups, and under the sink.


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