Organized Birthday Baking

Yesterday was Pat’s birthday. We’re not super huge birthday people, but we actually did get one early birthday present this year. My mom was in town last week and she babysat for us while we went on a date! It was the third date we’ve been on since Bradley was born!

We went out for a bowl of ramen, which was delicious. I sadly did not get to enjoy a soft cooked egg in my soup, but we thoroughly enjoyed going to a restaurant that wasn’t Chick-fil-A.

Though presents aren’t a huge part of our birthdays (but thank you mom for the generous gift you gave him! He is excited about a new toy.), we do try to make a cake.

Pat is really the cook in our house, but I enjoy baking because of how precise everything has to be. I enjoy measuring out ingredients on the scale and keeping everything lined up before mixing. We love the Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book and have been gradually working our way through all of the cakes.

This year Pat chose a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Bradley “helped” bake, and it was a sweet and simple celebration.

Happy Birthday, Pat! We love you!