31 Day Purge Challenge

Recently, I came across the website A Bowl Full of Lemons. Toni is a successful blogger mom from my home state of South Carolina. I had actually previously purchased her book, The Complete book of Organization, which is chock full of inspirational photos. Among the series she has initiated on her site, I was intrigued… Read More 31 Day Purge Challenge


The Green Kids Bathroom

When we toured this house as prospective buyers, we knew the kitchen would have to be renovated to suit our needs. Unfortunately, we also recognized that all of the bathrooms would need upgrades in the near future as well. What we refer to as the kids bathroom boasts 1970s green tile, sink, tub, and toilet.… Read More The Green Kids Bathroom


Dreams about the Den

The last time we shared a view of the den was when we came up with a toy solution. If you remember from that post, the majority of the room remained a mess. Well, we are hosting a baby shower in TWO DAYS and there is nothing like a party to get your act together.… Read More Dreams about the Den