Baby and Kid

Toddler Shoes

Bradley’s favorite word is “shoe.” He says it over and over, many times a day. As soon as we patter down to the kitchen in the morning, sleep still in his eyes, he grabs two shoes and brings them to me. “Shoe,” he says. Sometimes they’re a matching pair, sometimes they’re adult shoes. The kid… Read More Toddler Shoes

Baby and Kid

Keeping up with Baby Books

Bradley’s Baby Book I have really enjoyed working on Bradley’s baby book over the past year. It isn’t anything fancy, and it’s probably considered pretty cheesy for literally everyone except me. But I have loved writing down his first foods, first words, and sharing our thoughts about him from the early months of his life.… Read More Keeping up with Baby Books


Our Annual Yard Sale

Every year since we’ve lived here, our best friends EJ and Amanda have hosted a yard sale. For the first few, we either did not participate at all or just showed up to hang out. EJ is quite the negotiator and it is really entertaining to observe him make sales. Last year we actually tried… Read More Our Annual Yard Sale