Picking a Realtor

This is the 4th and final installment of our House-a-versary series. If you’d like to read about how we staged our house to sell, reminisced about our current house’s listing photos, or prepared for moving day, you can read those here,  here, and here, respectively.

I am going to wrap up this week’s “commemorations” by giving a brief plug to our phenomenal realtors, Jason and Bonnie Sanders. They treated us with the utmost respect, excelled at all forms of communication, and made the whole experience of buying and selling educational and pleasant. Bonnie has a great eye for house potential, yet is honest and realistic. Jason is trustworthy and thorough with details, and both were models of professionalism. They are such great realtors, I was a little sad to not see them almost daily once we closed on our house!

We saw how important it is to have a good realtor. From the consult with the professional stager to their comprehensive list of recommended vendors (movers, contractors, etc) to the price negotiating and smoothness at closing, having a great realtor at your side makes such a difference in the whole experience of buying and selling a home.

Now, our BFF Amanda has joined their team  – so as if I couldn’t say good enough things before, I have more confidence in them than ever!

If you live in Northern Virginia and are in need of a good realtor, check them out!



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