Baby and Kid

A “Sprinkle” for our Baby Girl

While we were visiting family last weekend in the South, my mom threw us a wonderful baby “sprinkle.” She really is a great host!

Being an antique dealer/store owner, she always has a beautiful collection of serving pieces and trays, table linens, and decorative pieces on display.

She also turns into a Jewish grandmother and has a ridiculous amount of food (despite my attempts to reduce this practice). At the last party she hosted, she bought 6 tubs of hummus. For 20 people. And she doesn’t even like hummus.

One of the biggest hits was the tray of gorgeous sugar cookies that my sister-in-law Mary Grace made. She is phenomenal at decorating these cookies!

I am so fortunate that my sister is an amazing photographer in her spare time. You can follow her on Instagram @magicallysunny. Though she was feeling under the weather and is recuperating from a foot surgery, she managed to snap a few pictures at the party. She kept apologizing for the lack of photos, but really I was just thankful that she made it into town at all! It was great to see her, and I always appreciate any photographs she is able to capture.

This party was intended to be low-key. (Sorry second baby!) There really isn’t much that we need in the baby gear department, but receiving little girl clothes was so appreciated. I recently decided that the “theme” of the nursery will be flamingos, and a few guests generously incorporated flamingos into their gifts. I am so excited to include these items in the decorations!

My mom also apparently kept a ton of our baby clothes from the 80s. She and Mary Grace hung a few clotheslines of them to create a sweet display.

My mom also did not want the kids attending the party to feel left out. She generously bought them each little presents to open. They were just thrilled! We also dug up my Littlest Pet Shop toys and Treasure Troll dolls for them to play with. Seeing my niece play with toys that I loved as a little girl was so sweet and special!

The party was so special, and I am so grateful to my mom for hosting the event. We are so lucky to have wonderful, loving family members ready and excited to meet this baby!