Lawn and Garden

State of the Garden Report (July edition)

It’s been a month since we last shared how our little vegetable garden has been doing. Despite the heat (so far, this summer is the 6th hottest on record for DC according to the Capital Weather Gang), we have managed to water our little plants every day. (No, we’re not that noble. Bradley bangs on the door every morning and yells “Shoooooooes!” until we acquiesce.) Though our bounty is not the abundant harvest we see from some of our friends, watching the garden grow is cool. (Here’s how Pat built the raised garden bed back in the spring.)

Bradley loves to help water. Of course, he mostly waters the grass. Or himself. But we think he’s cute and it occupies him so we roll with it.


Back to the garden, our big winners lately have been cucumbers! Delicious fridge pickles now adorn our sandwiches and burgers. Tomatoes are also great. Store tomatoes never seem to have much flavor, so it’s been wonderful to have a BLT and like the T! We have also had a few zucchini, and the peppers are almost ready. The beans are just starting to flower.


We are officially zinnia lovers because they are pretty and apparently super easy to grow. Next year we may only stick to those! The impatiens have managed to stay alive, and our caladiums have fared well. I won’t mention the myriad other flowers that have died under my watch, but having a few pops of pink brings me joy!

Funny story. My mom texted the other day and asked if she could bring me a giant mega palm tree for our house. I responded “god no. can’t be held responsible for keeping anything else alive over the next year!” Thanks mom for the laugh! Love you! But I am serious. I didn’t water our two remaining indoor plants for months on end so I’m not sure how they are still alive. I can keep a newborn alive or a plant, but not both! 😂