Lawn and Garden

State of the Garden Report (September edition)

If you’d like to see our garden earlier this summer, check out the June and July reports!

Pat has really enjoyed getting outside every day and working on the garden. He has learned a lot about what we’ve planted this year and has really enjoyed connecting with some fellow gardening coworkers. He has enjoyed figuring out how to problem solve different dilemmas, as demonstrated by building this cucumber hammock.

Through his work gardening community, he has shared and received surplus plants, including these kale stalks.

and pepper plants.

In fact, Pat has had so much fun playing in the garden that he decided it wasn’t quite big enough. He had to start a second plot!

Bradley helped dig, of course.

In the new bed he has planted radishes, two types of beets, two types of carrots (one of which is purple!), spinach, kale, two types of lettuce, and delicata squash (a sweet winter squash).


Meanwhile, Pat used his birthday money to buy a pressure canner. He hasn’t had enough produce to use it yet, but he is really excited and has already started planning a canning party with at least one gardening friend.

Who else is getting excited about their fall harvest? Autumn is such a wonderful time of year!