Lawn and Garden

State of the Garden Report

Apologies if you noticed my absence last week! We have had lots of wonderful company visiting for the summer, which I did plan for. But I did not plan on getting sick in the middle of it all!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared how our little yard has fared. The heat has not made it very fun to go outside, but since Bradley insists, we do it every day anyway. (By insists, I mean he bangs his shoes on the door until we give in.) Here’s a quick update on the outside.

The Garden

This kid LOVES peas. If he sees any little pods, he will point and squeal until we retrieve them for him.

The peas are the most successful plant so far. We are also excited about the promising zucchini and tomatoes!


The zinnias we planted from seed back in May are finally blooming! I love putting them in little vases throughout the house. These were so easy and cheap to grow we want to do tons more next year.

There’s our proof to the world that black thumbs can become … less black. (Not saying we will be applying for Master Gardener certificates, just giving ourselves a pat on the back that we’ve kept a couple things alive for more than a week!)

Happy Monday!