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Storing Baby’s Books

In our town house nursery, we had a little inexpensive side table beside the rocking chair, which we bought from Ikea and then spray painted the legs gold for a two-toned effect.

The look was perfect, but we quickly realized that it was being over-utilized. Between my water bottle, whatever magazine or book I was reading (because there is so much holding and rocking in those early months), my phone, and his 10+ board books, things were falling off. His bookcase (which is a collapsible one I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond while in college over a decade ago) we stored in the closet, which I still think is a good use of space, but it was really inconvenient to walk across the room for a new book while holding a little baby.

When we moved to our new house, we set up the room in the same basic way, but this room is way smaller. Enter our new solution, the Ikea RASKOG kitchen cart.

There are so many potential great uses for this cart: a diaper station, sewing supplies, craft organization… I actually forgot it was originally called a “kitchen cart.” It now serves as the side table in our little nursery, which is great because:

  1. It holds a ton of books, and we read about 25 different ones a day. We are able to rotate without leaving the chair.
  2. There is still room for my water bottle, his sippy cup, my phone, etc.
  3. It has wheels and can easily move to the corner of the room, which is necessary for when we need to open the drawers on the right side of the dresser.

We still have the bookcase in the closet, albeit a much smaller closet than the one we enjoyed in our townhouse. The books kept in there are a bit older for him and we try to keep out of his reach for now anyway. He’s still a pretty destructive toddler.

How have you organized  your child’s books? Anyone in the board book purging phase? I imagine that could be really sentimental and tough! Who else has a RASKOG cart saving the day in their house?


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