The Basement Disaster

Just in case you have the impression that my house is almost organized, let me give you a tour of our basement disaster. Watch your step.


I have devolved to a system of floor piles for dirty laundry. Stacks of old towels and rags sit next to surplus rolls of paper towels and toilet paper. (Also, I am so tired of trekking all the way down here to get them!) The cabinet to the left of the dryer is full of cleaning supplies, most of which were left behind by the previous owners.


Toys come here to die. (Literally – Bradley throws them down the stairs and then slams the door.) Games are stacked on broken shelves, exercise equipment is scattered throughout. The craft supplies I used for the gender reveal party a month ago are in a laundry basket on the floor. The cabinet we saved from demolition awaits its future as a play kitchen. We have two broken inflatable ball pits that I can’t bring myself to throw away because Bradley still plays with them…sometimes.

Travel Supplies

There’s the double jogging stroller I bought from a neighbor for $50, and then left in the carport¬†for two weeks while it rained. I don’t know if it’s salvageable. (That was last summer. I’ve never used it.) We also have no designated place for luggage and travel supplies. In our last house, we used part of the guest room closet, but here the closets are half in size and half in number!


We did take one load of old paint to the dump when we got rid of our appliances, but there is still a ton of  paint, caulk, and other related supplies left to be organized. Pat hung a peg board a few months ago to help with the tool mess, but there are still paper grocery bags full of hardware and supplies.


Pat’s amazing brewery hasn’t produced any beer in months. The mounds of baby stuff is shoved in this closet to the point the doors are hard to open.

Pat installed the slop sink shortly after we moved in so that he could get his brewery up and running. It was nice to have a clean sink for washing dishes during the kitchen renovation; paint coats the sink beside the washing machine (not exactly a place you’d want to wash your dishes). The chest freezer is actually the fermentation chamber and the mini fridge is the kegerator. Neither have been used in months.


The sad area underneath the stairs is Pat’s “office.” He spends a lot of time in that corner with terrible lighting, the ugliest carpet in the history of ever, and piles upon piles of mess.

There you have our dirty little secret! Now that the world has seen our basement, I am motivated to get in there and fix it. Or at least fix some of it. Send positive organizing vibes; we’ll need it!

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